Monday, February 17, 2014

Flowers for Valentine's Day

We don't do a lot for Valentine's Day.  No extravagant gifts or uber expensive dinners out.  I tell Dean he got off lucky because I'm so NOT high maintenance!   I usually cook something special and we exchange cards.  He usually gets a bottle of wine and I get flowers.  Sometimes as a potted plant, other times from the florist.  My only tip to extravagance is the type of flower I want....gotta be tulips!  I love roses but not long stemmed....much prefer ramblers and those don't do well in arrangements.

This year, instead of paying for an arrangement, Dean went to the flower market in New Orleans and brought me these spectacular tulips.   While in line, guys kept saying they wish they had thought of that.  He told them not to bother, he wiped out the entire bucket!

He bought so many that we had to try several vases to find one to fit....and even that was hard!  

After a couple days, they started to open...

Then a few opened all the way so you could peek inside...beautiful and perfect.

In case you don't know, tulips like it cool.  So each night, I put them in the garage.  In the morning, they are closed up tight like new buds....but slowly over the course of the morning, they reopen again.

This is the one gift that still gives me chills......I simply adore that he loves me enough to bring me tulips!


Kerry said...

Beautiful :-)
Love the colors !!!

jillytacy said...

The tulips are beautiful and are such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

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