Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frosty goes to school....

I got back from Thanksgiving break and put up my  little tree.

Later that day, I noticed the other teachers had begun their door decorations.  Since I love decorationg my own front door and not wanting to be left behind, I skipped the elaborate cutting and taping of paper and covered the door in the ONLY color of paper left in the workroom...okay, so there was orange and yellow too but I don't consider them all that Christmasy!

Then after work, I went straight to the artist in the family, picked her up from school and brought her back to create something simple that could go through January.

20 minutes after she arrived, Frosty arrived too, complete with a bubble pipe!

Considering we live in south Louisiana, I doubt we will get snow but you NEVER KNOW!


kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, I love what she created-very talented!
stop by if you have a chance I am hosting a Merry Christmas Basket Giveaway-all handmades

gin said...

Nice job. Kaela saves the day!

Kerry said...

Kaela - you did a great job !!!!
Never say never about the snow ...... especially this winter !!! A week since Icemaggedon, and our front garden is still completely covered in ice !!!
You just never know :-)
Big Hugs

jillytacy said...

That is so cute. I had to pin it to my school board on Pinterest. I'm getting ready to start my winter unit in January.

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