Friday, August 2, 2013


The last few weeks of July were busy for the kids.   
One week Matt attended RYLA and had a wonderful time!  It is a youth leadership program for upcoming seniors in high school.  Matt was given a scholarship through the Rotarian Club.    
When he came home, he said that it was the kind of place that changed your life and that he wished every kid had the chance to go.  

They interspersed fun stuff with serious business of fundraising, service projects and just talking about their future plans.

They started off with a seminar about Rachel's Challenge.  Rachel Joy Scott was the first Columbine victim all those years ago.

To learn more, visit Rachel's Challenge.

They had relays....
One evening, the guys had to put on a runway fashion show....all the "clothes" were made out of paper!

saying goodbye......

Before hitting the road to pick Matt up, I had to drop Kaela off for a church retreat at OWL.  

They had Bible studies, did team building and helped with massive clean up from last year's Hurricane Issac. 

Here she is in the maze...I'd recognize that hair anywhere!

She came back covered in bug bites, exhausted...and happy!  

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gin said...

You have some terrific young people, Val. Good job on being an awesome mom and dad.

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