Wednesday, August 14, 2013

bloggin' buddies!

Years ago when I started my blog, I stumbled across Tammy from T's Daily Treasures.  I started reading her blog and she started reading mine because we both crochet.    We emailed each other a bit and through that, I learned she used to live in Slidell but has been living in Kuwait for over 20 years.   We would email back and forth saying how much trouble we would get in if we lived closer.

Well....I had the honor of meeting her and spending some time with her while she was here in the states.  We met a couple different times for coffee and crochet.  She even visited the crochet group I recently became a part of.

One evening after crocheting, we had a little wine at the house....

I put together a little surprise for her but nothing could compare to what she brought me.  Look closely at the card...the lady even looks like me!  

The wall hanging matches my colors beautifully and looks beautiful.  Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice at all!

Tammy and her family left Louisiana to go visit family and friends but will be coming back through before flying home. We plan to get together one last time and I am looking forward to it.  I hate that she lives so far away but am so happy I got to finally meet her in person.


gilly said...

That's just a lovely story - how fun that you finally got to meet up :-)

Ana BC said...

How fun!!! Greetings to you both :-)

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