Saturday, May 25, 2013

one of the cool kids....

I am not a techie type person so when blogger changed the format, I was not happy because it meant that I had to learn new techie stuff that I didn't really care about.  So...I basically just kept doing the same things unless I ran into a problem posting, then I would go out and google it and come back to finish the post.

That being said, the other day I was searching for one of my own crochet tutorial/patterns for a friend so I went into my labels in blogger.  BTW, I hate the new label system...and the new color system for the fonts...blah, blah, blah.

ANYWAY, as I was skimming for the tutorial, I noticed this huge number to the right of the page.  I drifted down and noticed that the number was the amount of "views" that a particular post had received.  (no, I had never noticed it before...) The number was over 29,000.   I thought it was wrong because I don't get many comments.  I mean, how can you get THAT many views and not many comments, unless it is a cruddy post?  Then I saw what it was a realized it was correct.....and that I had that many views NOT because of my savvy writing skills or witty banter (ahem...) but because of pinterest.

My canape knife tutorial.  

To top it off, someone "out there" gave it a +1....okay.  I had to look that up too so off to google I go.  (I am so behind the times.)  Basically it says getting a plus one is a big deal. Sadly, I wouldn't even know how to give someone a "+1" if my life depended on it.

Okay, so I went back to the tutorial/pattern I was looking for so I could print it off... and guess what?  It had over 24,000 views.  It was for my  itty bitty kitty.  Who knew?

Considering most of my posts have something like 6 views, I thought this was pretty neat.   Wow, now I know how the cool kids feel.


gin said...

I am not surprised. Because you do have "cool" tutorials and posts. I love "visiting" you everyday to see what you are up to.

Kerry said...

You are more awesome than you know ..... each of those views are soooo deserved :-)
Hope you have a fantastic long weekend
Big hugs

gilly said...

Cool indeed! Well done, you - and I'm sure lots of lovely peeps enjoy your blog always. I know I do :-)
Have a great weekend,

Chatelaine said...

That is way cool! Or wicked cool as we say in New England. You have certainly gone viral.

That little kitty is soo cute!

jillytacy said...

That's really cool! I never look at the stats, then again what am I talking about I never blog anymore. I should remedy that.

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