Wednesday, May 29, 2013

stash busting! crocheted wooden hangers

I am still working on covering wire coat hangers for my closet redo but wanted to do a few wooden ones too.  
I had two in my closet and bought a few more online.    They are expensive so I had to wait until I found some cheap'd think they were made of gold or something!

Even though it is easy, I thought I'd share the process because a new crocheter was intimidated.  

I used an "H" hook and RedHeart yarn from my stash.
Row 1: Chain enough to go around the thickest part of the hanger and then add 1.  Turn. 
(The reason you add 1 is because you are going to LOSE 1 when you start to single crochet in row 2)
Row 2: Single Crochet in 2nd chain from hook and continue to end. Chain 1, Turn.

Row 3- to the end.   Continue Row 2 until you have a strip of cloth that hangs off each end by about 1/2"...cut the yarn but leave a very long sewing tail...I left about 18" of yarn.

Fold the strip in half and find the center point.

Then slip the hook through the center point.

Starting with the sewing tail, thread your tail with a large blunt needle. 

Then starting with the tail, weave it through every other stitch to gather it up.  

Pull tight so it will close around the end of the hanger.

Sew the end closed and push the needle back down through the yarn to hide the knot. Pull the needle out close to the opening along the bottom of the hanger.

Now simply close the opening along the underside of the hanger, pulling it closed as you work.  I did a simple ladder stitch .

The ladder stitch hides your stitches...but you could whip stitch it closed just as easily.

Once you get to the other end, close it off like the first and then hide the tail along the underside of the hanger.  Since these get lots of wear and tear, I left a good 6 inches of yarn tucked away.  I didn't want any stray ends popping up.

Add a pretty flower and you are done!

These hangers work really well with light weight sweaters and boat neck type tops.


linda said...

Your hangers are so pretty! thanks for sharing :)

Ana BC said...

wonderful hangers. They were certainly beautified!!! Thanks for sharinh the how-to ;-)

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