Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet William

A couple of years ago, my friend Jennifer sent me a package of Sweet William in honor of her son, William. Those who know Jennifer, know the story of her sweet baby who now resides with Jesus.
I planted the seeds in a cute little pot right away but f
or some reason, the seedlings didn't thrive.....maybe because it gets so hot here.

I over planted the pot last year with some clover seeds. They promptly came up and lived right through the winter....

I decided to take a photo of the little gnome in the pot, surrounded by the soft clover.

Imagine my surprise to find a Sweet William poking its little head out of that pot!

Today, there is just one bloom........for Jennifer's own Sweet William...but I am happy to see that there are several others getting ready to bloom within the next week or so.

What a wonderful surprise!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Thank You!! I cant even type much I am crying so hard. This is one of gods tender sweet mercy momements.. Thank you for shareing this with me.

Zakka Life said...

What a wonderful surprise indeed! And, what a wonderful way to remember someone.

I have a hydrangea planted in our yard in honor of my Grandmother who passed away last year. Out of all the all flowers in our yard, it's the one that thrives the most.

Crazy Amy said...

That is amazing Val! Jen, I don't have words to express my heart for you on William. However, I have Sweet Williams lining my hedge at home and they are beautiful and cheerful, as your son must be in heaven playing with angels.

Erica said...

Love it! Sadly, I didn't take good enough care of the hydrangea bush we were giving @ our son's funeral, and the plant didn't survive.

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
Oh that's so lovely and a wonderful reminder of your friend's son.
Did you hear that at the Royal Wedding Kate had Sweet William in her bouquet in honor of her husband to be Prince William. I thought that was so sweet.

jillytacy said...

That's very cool and That has got to be special for Jen! Little surprises and miracles.

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