Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ironcraft #15

This week's ironcraft challenge was to create art using peeps.

I groaned when I read that.....I wouldn't eat a peep if it jumped in my mouth so the thought of working with them kinda grossed me out.

I decided that I would buy just ONE pack of peeps and do something little just to say I completed the challenge. With that in mind, I decided I simply could NOT proceed without tasting one again. So, off to the store I went. I bought my pack of peeps and 1 peep dipped in chocolate (everything is better with chocolate, right?)
I got in my car and ate the peep. I could barely choke it down. Apparently, some things are NOT better with chocolate!

I get home and start thinking of something little to make.....but then once I started thinking of ideas, my brain simply would NOT shut up.

I thought about
peeps and the round table, 1 eyed, one eared flying purple peeple eaters and about voo doo doll peeps....and frankenpeeps and Harry Peeper peeps and even a "peeping" peep. I thought about 3 little peeps and the big bad wolf and little red riding hood and the big bad peep, and Mary Peepins, and the Village Peeple .

And, and,and...the list can go on and on and on...
in other words, I had TONS of ideas.

I could have done some great dioramas if I'd had the time but between work, family and massive clean up thanks to a BAD KITTY named Leo, I had just enough free time to do a few things. (BTW, anyone want a free cat?)

So instead, I made peeps on the cob....

which Matt taste tested for me....and prefers not to do again.

and then I made Princess and the Peep...

and a slightly sticky peep pincushion...

I considered myself done.

But then, I though....Okay, Val, those aren't really
ART, right? I decided to use the rest of the pack and do something a bit more I decided to use the fairy house I made for last year's YOE challenge and incorporate the peeps into it.

so what do we have here? A peep fairy inviting some friends to something?

a peep PARTY perhaps?

are those fairy peeps dancing around a maypole?

are those topeeparies I see?

why, YES! That must be the frog king, making a grand entrance with the royal peep fairy family!

And look! A fairy ring, complete with frog servant ready to light up the festivities when night falls!

and over looking to keep them all safe from unwanted visitors, is the fairy steed.

Yes, fairy lore states that Corgis are the fairy's steed! Although his saddle mark is not visible in this photo, he has a lovely one.

I'm sure he feels quite regal today.

Who would have known I would have had such fun?


NadineC said...

LOL! I love the Princess and the Peep! And the Peep with wings also. Tooooo funny! :-)

Jody said...

Very entertaining, Val!! Thanks for the tummy tickle (But I did feel nauseous thinking of putting a peep in my mouth!!! You're a braver woman than me!)

Jody said...

Very entertaining, Val. Thanks for the giggle! Thinking of putting a peep in my mouth made me nauseous, however!! You're a braver woman than me...and Matt is my hero!!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Okay Val, I think you have finally lost it lol. For someone who didn't want to mess sticky ooey gooey peeps it looks like you had fun.

BTW...I like Peeps. I can't help myself, I am a marshmallow addict. I do have to admit that after about 3 of those little guys even I've had enough.

Denise said...

Love the things you did with peeps! so funny!
and for the record...I love peeps! I know I'm weird!

jillytacy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with this. My daughter enjoyed looking at the pictures with me. You are so creative, I never would have thought to do most of these things with peeps.
By the way, I do actually like to eat a few peeps at Easter time. I like them after they've been out of the package for a few days and harden up a bit.

Manisha said...

You did so many awesome things with the peeps. I love them all!

Maria said...

so very funny! that's a lot of peeps for one package. i'm glad i'm not the only one who can't eat those things! ;)

shopgirl said...

That is FABULOUS! I LOVE it!
For the record, (it was 'my' challenge) I HATE them too. They are revolting, as a food. But for humor, they are fantastic. excellent job!

dkuroiwa said...

oh my goodness but how much am i loving your peeps!!! peeps on the cob was cute, but princess and the peep was tooo cute.
my favoe was the one around the May Pole.
you....are funny, but...yeah....we may have to form an intervention!! hahaha!!!
good job, val.
and that son of yours deserves something REALLY nice and un-peeplike in his Easter basket for taking one "for the team" (so to speak)!!

Rhonda said...

Val ...... I'm speechless ..... You are the Peep Queen!

Gingham Skies said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and for your kind words. :)

I didn't realize you made all three of these fabulous creations. The Princess and the Peep was definitely my favourite of the group but the pin cushion was up there too. Hilarious!

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