Monday, May 18, 2009

Marvelous Mushroom keychain!

Check these little key chains out.....I made them the other day in no time at all!

What cute favors for a little girls spring party or for the mushroom lover in your life.
Or.... don't attach the key chain at all and put the little shroom in a little planter next to a teeny gnome!

Cute, huh!

The best part is that I made these with stuff I had laying around the house.

SERIOUSLY....Go raid your hubbies nuts and bolts in his toolbin....

I even found the doorknobs in a drawer. I had planned to use them YEARS ago and never did. They came in handy for this!

skinny nail like a 'brad'
small drawer pull....1&1/4 inch in diameter
teeny eyescrew to attach key chain
key chain (from your drawer, you know you've got one!)
needle nose pliers
bamboo skewer
tall cup
**paints, paintbrush and clearcoat**

****okay, so I didn't use all that stuff with the asterisks. I just used nail polish girls! HA!

First take your brad and make a teeny hole in the middle of the drawer pull, don't go in too deep. DON'T use a drill, the hole will be loose.
Remove the brad and put away.

Screw in the eye screw, use a tool if needed. Then remove it. You'll put it back in later.

See this hole on the bottom of the drawer pull? Insert the bamboo skewer in this hole when you start painting.

Paint the bottom first....

To paint the top, carefully flip right side up. The drawer pull should stay on the skewer without any trouble.

Paint side and upper cap of drawer pull. Let dry. Apply another coat if needed.

Paint the dots on the cap with a different color. Let dry

Spray with clear coat or poly and let dry.

Screw the eyescrew back in. It will be a little more snug now because of the paint :-)

Attach the key chain hardware. Use the pliers to close tightly.

And you are done!

What cute little keychains!


mandapanda said...

Wow! I'll never look at door knobs the same way again! Seriously, I never would have thought of that. Thank you!!

Zoƫ said...

SOOO cute! Thank you for sharing.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- Could you get any more creative??! My goodness!

The doctor put me on steroids now- prednisone. I tried to e-mail you but we are at the beach and my mail is stuck in my outbox.... If I had felt better I would have asked to meet somewhere.:( I'm still coughing like crazy and praying that I will get better soon... Lori

funky bag freak said...

How stinkin cute! You're just amazing!

micki @ ADD housewife said...

very cute! I have some of those knobs that I swapped off the dresser in the girls' room. Oh and I uhhh...I totally read part of your post wrong and had to do a double take around the "nuts and bolts" point...*blush*

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

OH goodness how cute are these.. what a great idea Val. You are so darn creative!!! Now I know what to give as a Christmas stocking stuffer :)

grammatrish said...

what a great idea! so cute..I would have never thought of that

Sangeetha Narender said...

i love it... am gonna try it :)
Thanks for that cute idea...

Melinda Cornish said...

great idea and I love your paper bag mushrooms too! clever

passingmemory said...

This is an adorable idea...nice!! I want to try it now!! I <3 mushrooms! :3

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