Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flirty Apron Swap: vintage linen remix

I had so many conflicts with Shawnee's latest swap.
I couldn't find any vintage linens locally...and I looked high and low for several weeks. I found a couple items on eBay...both totally different. One was a remmnant of a lovely hand embroidered table cloth that had beautiful lace trim. And the other was a 50's tea towel that is just perfect for a bistro style apron.

The problem? I couldn't bring myself to cut either of them!

Instead, I went to a teensy little thrift shop and found a small table runner with lovely lace trim....and a couple vintage fingertip towels.
I quickly paid for them and when I came home, this apron was created!

The waistband is a vintage blanket binding...and a vintage button holds the tea towel I included.

I couldn't cut this either but with it being a table runner, I didn't have to!

I just folded it in half over the blanket trim to create the waistband casing and ties. Then I sewed along the diagonal through the lace edging.

I did eventually cut the tablecloth to make the pocket. (it was hard to do!)

Here is a close up:

and the rest....

I was very happy when Bley sent me a note saying she loved it!


Kellie said...

Oh Val! This is absolutely beautiful! You should be very proud of that!

NadineC said...

Hahaha - couldn't cut it, eh? That's why I didn't sign up for this one! I have tons of vintage linens, but knew I wouldn't be able to "sacrifice" any of them to the sewing shears, LOL! Your apron turned out beautifully - I hope it wasn't TOO stressful for you :-)

funky bag freak said...

Oh sweetie how beautiful!

mandapanda said...

It looks fantastic!!! Love the button!

Zoƫ said...

Great job! Glad you found something in the end... and it is so nice looking to boot:)

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