Saturday, December 6, 2008

With love from Peppy

My mom always tells me (and others) where we all get our 'gifts' from. Here is my list:

I get my musical abilities from my father
I get my artsy/craftsy side from my grandmother Peppy
I get my nose from a distant relative who had Native American Indian in them
I get my skin and eyes from her and her side of the family (Scottish)
I get my curly hair from my dad and HIS side of the family
I get my thumbs from her (weird, I know)
I get my teeth from braces...wait, I don't think that counts.... get the picture.......I always crack up when she starts in on her is really pretty funny. She has started them up with our kids too....
That being said, there is a LOT of truth to it. I have some sweet things I put out only at Christmas...things Peppy made. I get so emotional. She is no longer with us but each time I put these out, I know she is here. We used to do crafts together so the memories are wonderful.

These are little match boxes she covered. They actually were used FOR the matches...back in the day....

This is a Santa pillow she made so long ago. It is a bit flatter but still in great shape.

These are my most precious ones.......napkin rings! The photos don't do them justice but they are my favorite. I remember as a child BEGGING to set the table so I could place these on the table. My mom gave them to me for Christmas just last year.



Thank you Peppy!


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful lot of memories! The napkin rings are treasures- for sure! I love how your Mom tells you where your special gifts and features come from, too. Precious! Lori

Unknown said...

Awe... what wondeful memories.. Thank you for sharing them with us all. I love those napkin rings.. I can see why they are your favorite. What wonderful treasures to hold dear :)
Now you will be able to start some wonderful memories with your own childern's children someday :)
What a clever way of telling you about your family members... I love it .... I am still smiling from ear to ear after reading your post... Hugs sweet friend.

susan said...

how sweet
i love your bits and bobs from grandma peppy.
can i ask how she got the name peppy? is it short for something? such precious things

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