Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday decorating.......

I decided to join in with some of the blogs I've read...where they show photos of their decorations.

Here is Santa with his bag of goodies. This was a hand me down from my mom, a friend of her's made him. I added the duck and kitty softies to his bag from some swaps I've been in.

Next to him is our tub of Christmas books. We read them throughout the month.

Santa is standing on my old sled from when we lived in Germany. A few years ago, we used it in Oklahoma. We had to clean it up and wax it but it worked just fine! The neatest part is that my name and address from Germany is still visible on the underside.
The little nutcracker was my parent's but they gave it to me years ago. It also came from Germany.

Here is the kid's tree upstairs. We had a bigger one but it finally died a few years ago. This one is smaller but perfect.....the kid's love having one of their own.
The cute little moose was made by the same lady who made the Santa.

I made these stockings years ago after pricing ones like them in the Bombay Company catalog. Ginger and Mojo and Leo have their own too. I have lighted garland to drape along the mantle too but have to buy (yet another) extention cord!
The Santa collection was made 13 years ago by a sweet friend who did cermaics. She gave me some, I bought some. I usually have them somewhere else but Curly Girl had other ideas this year.

This is where the Santa collection usually goes but Curly Girl discovered these houses. I haven't put them out in years but when she saw them, her little face just lit up so here they are.

Here is the railing from below....see the large stocking?
Curly Girl was in that for her first Christmas! She was due Christmas Eve but our doctor induced so I could be home with her for the holidays. The set of 3 trees are on top of a chest my dad made in the 70's.

Here is out tree lit up for the evening. We bought it 13 years ago and we still love it!


gin said...

Lovely pictures of your Christmas decorations. It's so cute when the kids have their own ideas! Then you know you've taught them well!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- Thanks so much for sharing! How fun it is for me to visualize how warm, cozy and lovely your home is!! Exactly as I knew it would be.:) I loved hearing the history of your decorations, too. So fun to take a walk down memory lane at Christmas! Lori

Jody said...

Lovely!!You make me feel like a slug--I've only gotten as far as THINKING about decorating!

Zoƫ said...

The place looks GREAT!!!

susan said...

i enjoyed my tour of your holiday decorations!
so pretty. i need to show my snowmen!

Kristen said...

Your home is GORGEOUS!

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