Friday, July 25, 2008


Since my computer is still at the hospital, I had to go out and steal another photo from Jenn's blog in order to do my post today.

She sent me this fun apron for the "Hittin' The Trail" apron swap!

It is VERY can't see too well in the photo but she added some cute fringe at the very bottom....she left the edges unhemmed but with a seam set a bit in from the it would fray a little in the wash...but not TOO much!
The bracelet on her wrist was also included....and it is really pretty.

All of it was wrapped up in a really cute hobo bag made with denim and cowboy fabric, tied with
twine........very, very cute!
I took a photo of the bag and will post it later...HOPEFULLY by next week....

Thank you Jenn for a rootin' tootin' apron!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh my goodness - that is the cutest apron I've ever seen! I'm not kidding - I wish I had the creativity to dream up things like that but I think God skipped me on that day. :) I know you love it - it's wonderful. Blessings, marlene

Zoƫ said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I love it. To use old jeans like that! And to use the back! Man that is cute.

I hope you get your computer working soon, it sucks to have it not working.

Jennifer said...

very cute!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

This is so cute...

Ok Woman! You can't use words like amigurumi and expect me to know what it is :)

(I love google!)

I had to go and hunt it down, and now I say... I WANT ONE! They are adorable! I think you should do your next project as one of these... kind of patchwork like or something... I think you would make a cute one.. and I would enter.. of course, because my anime/japanese loving angsty freshman in high school daughter would love it!

Thanks for visiting my blog, she is doing a button for me as well and that should be up by tonight. Once it is, I'll probably start up my Etsy site!
(Nervous twitter) We will see.

Speaking of Twitter... you on it?

jillytacy said...

The apron is very cute. I loved the theme of your swap, "Hitting the trail." Great idea and the goodies are fabulous!

sarahross said...

Oh wow, I love this!

susan said...

what a totally fun apron!!
such a clever gal jenn is

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