Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quiet contemplation

Every now and then you take a photo that doesn't look like much at first glance. But then you look at it again and see it differently.

That is how it is with this picture. There is so much going on in the picture that at first (and second) glance, you don't even notice Ripstick Boy sitting quietly....waiting for his next heat.

You see the girl in the water and think the picture is about her.....but it isn't....there was a false start so everyone in that particular heat had to come back and start over.

It isn't until you look past all the timer's legs that you see a 12 year old boy, sitting quietly, waiting for his turn to swim.

I like pictures that make you stop or take notice or think. That is what this picture did for me.
It's not a particularly good picture...we've learned how difficult it is to take a good picture during a crowded swim meet... its even harder to take 'action' photos!

As for that particular swim meet, Ripstick Boy did really well again. He beat his own time in a few heats and wasn't as concerned about his competition. He simply ENJOYED himself.

He has learned so much since his first meet!


Jennifer said...

good point!

Anonymous said...

Ah that swimming pool water is so tempting...at 95F today..I really could use some time with you guys!
Thanks for stopping by at my giveway..goodluck!

jillytacy said...

It's great that Ripstick boy is enjoying the swim meets. Learning to compete against yourself and try to better yourself is a great lesson to learn. It's even better when you learn to have fun doing it!

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