Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wicked Word Wednesday

Today's word is:


"The process of beautifying an old witch/warlock in order to snare some unwilling young man/lady."

Bootification is much like dehagification except the spell is 2 fold:
Not only can it be used by witches and warlocks, whereas dehagification is for witches only, it has the added benefit of creating a dream like quality to the person using the spell which causes people to actually

this warlock would have a rather hard time getting a date with ANYONE

this man is now known as
McDreamy on a popular tv show.......


I usually refrain from commenting but I think this particular spell must be very effective.


jillytacy said...

Too funny! I'd say the spell is certainly effective.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-Ha! Yikes! That warlock would have me running as fast as I could. McDreamy is nice but Hugh Jackman kinda flips my switch. :) Happy day to you. Tammy

Love Interwoven said...

hahahahahhaahh Just found your blog this morning. I'll stop by again.Mine is
blessings, sue

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