Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring picture day.....

Yesterday when picking up the kids, they happily announced that the next day they could have 'free' day...meaning they could wear one of their own outfits. (The school has a uniform policy.)
They could do this because it is Spring Picture Day. In the Fall, they have to wear their uniform for the school yearbook photo.

While tucking her in, my daughter chattered on about what outfit to wear, a backup in case the weather changed, how to wear her hair, which earrings to wear. It took her forever to finally calm down enough to fall asleep.

While tucking my son in, he simply said 'I got it mom.' And promptly fell asleep.

This morning arrived and I woke my daughter up earlier (as promised) so she could 'get going...'
She jumped up and tried on her 'first choice' outfit which worked perfectly. Then we did her hair and she put in her cute butterfly earrings she got for Christmas. Then she went online to feed her 'Webkinz." It was like a scene out of Cinderella, I swear that little birdies were following her around singing....

Then I went in to check on our son. His hair was sticking out like medusa and he was already dressed. He had on some green and khaki camouflage shorts with a grey and purple LSU t-shirt.

Our 'conversation' went something like this:

Me....' you can't wear that together'
Him...'why not?'
Me....'because it doesn't match.'
Me.....uhhhhhhh. I mean, what do you say to a kid who doesn't care if he doesn't match for a photo? I bailed on the conversation and sent up some madras shorts, which Dean convinced him to change into, along with a blue t-shirt.

We get in the car and I notice he hadn't done his hair.
Me....'you didn't do your hair'
Him.....'its fine'
Me....'its sticking up...'
Sister...'well, its only sticking up in back....so it won't show in the picture...'


Something is seriously wrong with me to find that so funny.


Jennifer said...

I'm SOOOOO not ready for the days when they get their own "style" and don't care. I love that I can pick what they wear and they still look so "put together" and cute. I'm savoring every minute because it won't last forever!!

Marla said...

My boys only brush the fronts of their hair! Boys are sooo funny! I always send them back to the bathrooom to bush the backs.

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