Sunday, September 9, 2012

weekend catch up

This weekend went by so that we are in football season, Dean worked both Friday and Saturday. I thought I would get a ton of crafting done but didn't....instead I got caught up reading a new book and read it until my eyes were blurry!

Saturday morning I dropped one of my little dammit dolls as a toy drop. I dropped it at a local football hang out where I'm sure someone would take it home.

Other than the LSU game, the only excitement we had was last night. We were asleep having gone to bed after watching the game and then SNL when Matt came flying into the bedroom with his eyes as big as saucers yelling at me to get up.

I jumped out of bed and came flying out into the hallway where there were about 100 spiderlings running amok. He told me he saw a huge spider and had killed I am not a fan of spiders but I was cracking up because anyone who lives in the south knows that brown wood spiders keep their babies on their backs...and you DO NOT whack the big hairy ones....cuz that AIN'T HAIR! (I did this myself back in 1986!)
Matt was a bit freaked out as he said..."It was the biggest spider I have ever seen and when I whacked it, it exploded like a mushroom cloud...!"
For those of you that have never seen momma spiders with babies on their backs....lookie here:

The babies make them look ginormous and much creepier. I promise you Matt will NEVER forget this!

As for the rest of the weekend...LSU won so we were happy...but the Saints lost so my own dammit doll took a beating! At least the one I dropped was made in LSU colors so I know he didn't get beaten up!

Here is hoping you all have a great week!


Denise said...

That is hysterical creepy and gross all at the same time! We had one of those spiders in our house once and my husband did the same thing. Oh my goodness it was awful and completely creeped me out! said...

i know...I did it once myself so now when they look hairy, I just catch them and move them....better to catch one with 200 babies on her back than to kill one and have 200 babies on the floor!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Those spiders must be very popular in Slidell because the same thing happened to me in 1984. I whacked the spider and babies went flying everywhere -- so then I grabbed the vacuuum cleaner and was trying to suck them all up. Yikes! I definitely have never forgotten that -- really freaky. :) Your dammit dolls are too cute to take a beating. Have a great week. Tammy

Kerry said...

I'd have done exactly what Matt did!!!!
That thing looks really creepy :-)

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