Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mardi Gras Magic Ball Scarf

So AFTER Mardi Gras, I decided beads just didn't hack it.   The colors are great but they aren't very warm..... I wanted to make something fun to wear for Mardi Gras on those chilly outings.

I couldn't find any yarn I liked so I decided to make my own magic ball of yarn and crochet a scarf like the ones I've done before....including this one.

I started collecting yarn and then my friend said she wanted to play too.  She is knitting her's using the Lady Godiva pattern.  I won't have a photo for a long time as she isn't making it until right before next Mardi Gras.  I went ahead though and just crocheted mine.  It is FAB!

Now for details.  If you want to make your own, you need to do some research.  I wanted a nice warm scarf with a little heft to it.  So, I made my ball a bit like the Alp Oriental with some heavy yarns mixed in with lighter yarns.  I also bought a couple spools of skinny soft ribbon and one spool of beaded thread.  If I could do it again, I'd buy more of the beaded gives an amazing sheen to the area it is in.  Having a person to share the cost and yarn with is a good idea.  We went through our stash and saved a lot of money but I spent $40 bucks after it was all said and done.  Jeannine had great yarns so she didn't spend a penny. I keep my "leftover" stash low on might be able to make an entire magic ball without spending a cent.

Here is what I did:
*Go out and OVERBUY lots of yarn, ribbon, beaded thread, etc.  Save receipts you will be returning some.  You want thick and thin, basic and fantasy (eyelash is fantasy in my view), threadlike will offset super thick but make sure it won't get lost.  I used gold threads mixed with softer but heavier greens, etc.  You'll be in the yarn section a long time so plan on it!  I was approached 2 times by ladies who wanted me to teach them what I was doing.  One actually took notes!
*Take the supplies home and figure out which ones really work well together and put the rest back for returns.
*Weigh each ball or make note of what it says on the label. Since you are mixing and matching, this matters. Include ribbon, etc.
*Determine weight: I made a ball of 10 ounces.
*I held FOUR strands of yarn together.  All types.    The green eyelash was TOO much for me so after making the scarf, I went in and gave it a hair cut.  The purple and gold eyelash was perfect.
*CUT YOUR FRINGE before tying all your yarns together.  You want a good representation of all yarns and ribbons used.   I used a dvd case and went around it 20 times for each end.  Set aside in a baggie or safe place.

I decided to make each "cut" 4 arm lengths long. Then I just went through picking which yarns I wanted to hold together.   Ribbons and beaded thread were just added as I went along, to make it interesting.  I rolled as I went.  (NOTE, if you go along and don't like something, you can always snip that length out and swap it. )

***Once everything was done, I re rolled it starting from the end because I used my favorite yarns first.  (I hadn't noticed I did that.)  I wasn't really sure how thick I wanted to make it.  I'm glad I did it that way because I didn't make it as wide as planned.  Mine is about 7 inches wide.

To make, I used a P hook and chained until I felt it was long enough, (I'm short)  keeping in mind I was adding fringe. Then I worked a double half crochet throughout until it was wide enough.  When I finished, I added the fringe.

It was a very fun project and I'll be doing it again.  The prep work is easy to do.  Just pull stuff out, tie it together and go.  It is time consuming but I did it while watching a movie.

Monday, March 14, 2016

a little more knit.....and crochet

I'm slowly adding "catch up" posts to include some of the things I've made since January.....

This is a cowl I made for my sister in law.  She looks AMAZING in all those pretty Easter egg colors.  I use the Lady Godiva pattern and some dazzle yarn:

I made another arm knit cowl.  I found this lovely yarn "Encore Mega" for a steal in a fancy yarn shop in Destin.   The store tends to be incredibly expensive so when I found this for only 6 bucks a skein, I snatched up two.  It is so soft, like baby alpaca but does NOT shed like baby alpaca.  I'll be back for more.

I made another scarf for my sister Page.  She and I have the same coloring so when I come to town wearing something, she always wants one too.    It works out for me because she ALWAYS buys me some of that expensive yarn as a thank you.

Here it is.  The yarn is a magic ball called Alp Oriental.  I just double half crochet throughout.  

The only tricky part is the fringe.  The ball COMES with some fringe attached so you can see what yarns are included in the ball.  But you need to cut additional fringe before you get going so it isn't all cut from one length of yarn.  the beauty of this scarf is in the variety of textures and colors coming together.  The scarf looks good with EVERYTHING and is incredibly soft and cozy

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Still going strong

Our little salad garden has been amazing this winter. We have harvested many dinners out of our little plot. And it is still going strong.

red and green leaf lettuces are in this plot.....romaine is next to it.  I forgot to take a photo of it.

two types of arugula are in here....

a better shot of the red and green lettuce

I also grow green onions in my herb garden....I like them better than regular onions in a salad.

Speaking of which, they have been amazing.  And tasty....

I planted bell peppers 2 weeks ago and am planting tomatoes this weekend. 

I have been so pleased with our salad garden that when they were selling this at work, I had to buy it.....something for me to plan......poor Dean!

Image result for grow all you can eat in three square feet

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hook and a Book

another good read and another Christmas gift on the hook!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

catch up

I've been gone for awhile!  I was sick for the first time in YEARS.....and that combined with college tours....yada yada....the list goes on.  No one needs the gorey, boring details.  The good news is that I feel better and so I thought I'd do a quick post.  I'll do more this weekend....lots to catch up on!

Last week we had Seafood day at work.  I had NOTHING to wear so decided on an apron. Someone had given me an odd shaped cut of this lobster fabric.  I'd been saving it for years!  I used a portion for the pocket and put it on a new tea towel.  I used double ribbons for the waistband and ties.  I  whipped it up just in time for work....

Well, one of my partners in crime fell in love with it so I gave it to her at the end of the day.  I still had a little more fabric at home so I knew I could make one for myself.  I had some coordinating polka dot fabric in my stash and made this one over the weekend.

Side view of the pocket and sash:

It is a clothespin of my favorite styles.  I also backed it so I can reverse it if I want.
I used every smidge of fabric I had left!  In fact, I had to shave the size of the apron down by almost 2 inches....but that didn't hurt the look or functionality of the apron.
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