Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Florida part 1!

We went to Florida this past weekend for a little visit. My Aunt Betty from Georgia was here with some of our cousins again and we didn't want to miss seeing them.

We had such a great time! We went out to eat a few times....

some of us went to the pool to swim

while others tried to stay out of the sun

Page tried unsuccessfully to hide her margarita...

there was a LOT of laughing

because of the full moon...

okay, so its REALLY a close up of the bend behind Dean's knee....but it DOES look like a 'moon' doesn't it!

Here is the REAL full moon....not nearly as funny!

We had such a great time and cannot WAIT to see everyone again!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Here fishy-fishy....a birdbath

mosiac birdbath/saucer by you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My name's not Mary.......

But my garden is growing quite well, thank you!

I've had several small harvests....I love the colors, looks like salsa does before the jar.

I love summer...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I was in Shawnee's latest apron swap and really got spoiled this time around!

Here is what my secret partner sent me...

here is a close up of the has tuille all around the top

and it is reversible! I don't know which side I like better!

here are the other goodies she sent.

Thank you Amy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

boxed in

Mojo has a habit of stealing the cat's toys. He doesn't care where they are...he is determined to hunt them all down.

Which isn't always easy.

For example:

A 38 pound dog getting stuck in a 12 pound cat's blue toy thingie.

Looks like a magician's trick gone wrong.
Front half in one, back half in the other.

I'm laughing my butt off at his expense....poor Mojo!

Here's Leo checking him out...he was really upset because the blue thing is HIS. So, he sneaked up and swatted Mo's butt for trespassing.

Then Mo growled at Leo....all while I laughed and snapped away like some deranged paparazzi.

Finally, Ginger came in to help...which brought me back to my senses....

I finally helped him out which was hard because I really just wanted to take more pictures.
The funniest part is that 2 minutes later he did it again trying to get a toy that is sewn to the inside of the box!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Another saucer/bird bath I've made recently. The day was not sunny enough for a good photo but you get the idea.

I love the of my favorite shapes for these...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday was a terrific day. I got to meet Courtney! She is a fellow blogger and participates in YOE.

I've never met a bloggy friend in person before so I was pretty darn excited.
We talked about everything (including politics...I know, bad, right?)

She lives in Kinder which is about 3.5 hours away. I wish she lived closer so we could get together and craft! Since she was only in town for the weekend, I told her we'd have to figure something out next time she plans on being here.

If you want to see the goodies we swapped for YOE, click here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mail call!

I love it when mail makes me squeal!

Just look at the goodies I won from the Year of Enchantment door prize in May.

Time for our close ups:

First we have these sweet dolls with various trims attached....even the boxes are awesome.

the log...a PINCUSHION, the mushroom....see that butterfly? Its a TAPE MEASURE....and the owl? Those aren't glasses, they are scissors!

And my new favorite tote...which I'm already using as a purse for the summer :-)

Kerry, thank you SO much!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here is the gnome doll I made for the YOE challenge this month.

Curly Girl says gnomes are supposed to be grumpy and have beards. Maybe so, but I think she turned out pretty cute anyway!

She seems to be quite happy sitting on the shelf with the toadstools...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Here is a bird bath/ saucer I made a few years ago......
it has glass bubbles floating in it too...I love the feeling of movement it elicits....

For those of you interested in making your own mosaics, here is a wonderful tutorial.
I love sitting outside working on them. It's very much like working a messy puzzle!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A day in NOLA

Saturday, we took the kids into New Orleans for the Creole Tomato Festival. If you don't know what a creole tomato is all about, click here. They are simply hands down, the BEST tomatoes ever and we eat them throughout the summer.

The festival wasn't as big as we thought it would be but we still had a lot of fun.

As you can see, we had to start the morning off at Cafe Du Monde.....

do I have sugar on my face?

say wha?

check out this stilt walker...

close up of her shoes...

For June's toy drop, I made the 'dreaded box jellyfish.'

and dropped it by one of our favorite fountains.....

it was gone when we checked on it a couple hours HERE to see what the finders say...

There were lots of booths to choose lunch from but it was soooo hot, we opted to go INSIDE to eat lunch!

The rest of our day was spent running in and out of stores trying to keep from melting!
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