Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Return of the fairies!

Last weekend, Dean pulled all the old vines away from the fairy bells so hopefully, we'll be hearing them soon.

I put out the new fairy house and Gunter was THRILLED!   I set it in the herb trough temporarily. Once we get the rest of the yard in order, I'll probably move it.  Fairies prefer privacy and they may not like being on the patio.

Later that night, I looked out the patio door and saw a bright light.....oh my gosh!  Someone was in the HOUSE!  I was so excited!  I grabbed my phone and took a couple photos....but the light was too bright to see anything.   I could hear sounds but not SEE inside.....the light was just too bright.

I went back outside a couple of hours later and could finally see!  A sweet little fairy fireplace was lit!   It was so late though that I could no longer hear anything.  I think everyone was asleep.

On Sunday morning, I went out to see if I could see anyone.....nope.  But I did see something.   This sweet little pathway to the entrance of the house...looks like someone was tidying up...

Later, I looked out the window and saw Gunter outside...

I asked what he was doing and he answered, "just hanging out visiting."  But when I looked in the back window, I didn't see anyone.

I am just as happy as Gunter is that the fairies have returned, even if they are a bit shy around me.

"We the fairies, blithe and anticOf dimensions not gigantic,Though the moonshine mostly keep us,Oft in orchards frisk and peep us." -Thomas Randolph

Monday, March 24, 2014

Daddy and the hummingbird game...

This past weekend was a tough one.  It was our first weekend without Ginger.  It was a beautiful weekend so we were outside working in the yard, without her.  (I noticed that the squirrels were all over our yard.  They must have told the entire clan because we had SO MANY in our yard.  Ginger would not have put up with that!)  Dean and I missed her being there with us.

I was missing daddy too.  Grief has a way of doing that to you.  You start out by missing your dog and then burst into tears and pretty soon you are thinking about your father....and that brings more tears.   

On Sunday I was in the kitchen when I saw the first hummingbird of the season flit by our window.   As I ran to the door to the garage, I was thinking, "I've gotta call daddy!"
In the 3 seconds it took my hand to hit the doorknob, I remembered that I couldn't call him.  I took a breath and kept moving, filling the feeders and putting them out.  The little hummer was oblivious to the emotions I was feeling.  Giddy and weird is that.   The thing is that daddy and I always played the "who has the first hummingbird visit...."   Last year I won.  I think I would have won this year too....

I didn't try to photograph the little guy, he was beautiful though.  A ruby throat-ed male scout, fully colored up.  I'm sure he was a return visitor as he knew where to look for feeders.   

After I filled the feeders and set them out, I texted my sisters and brother what I usually call my dad and say. It was stupid but I didn't have anyone else to tell.   The hummingbird game was a big part of my day twice a year.  The first sighting, and the last.  Although my siblings enjoy hummingbirds, they aren't enamored with them like my father and I.  It was "our thing."   

So daddy, I'm toasting you to a wonderful season of hummingbird watching!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

passing of the

This past week was a tough one for us, me especially.   When I was younger, I felt that I was better with animals than people.  I was really good with them...animals that is.  People...not so much.
I talked too much, I was insecure, I was a know it all, I wanted things my way....and I was your basic control freak.   Things that would drive the average person nuts....but not animals.  They just took everything in stride.
As I got older and discovered wine...started paying attention to my habits, I got better with people.  But, I still remain good with animals.   
God seems to put them in my path:  Horses with injuries or wasps stuck under their blankets...that was tricky avoiding those hooves, lost dogs in need of help, sick kittens found in parking lots, turtles on roadways, birds that had been hit or fallen from nests, lizards that got in the house or caught in the cold and needed a warm dashboard to warm up on. (said lizard also stayed in my purse until warmed up enough to be put on a plant outside of my classroom.) Even snakes and spiders caught in my home and released.   I'm not crazy, I'm just trying to remember that this is their world too.  Plus, I squish some spiders, just sayin....

Anyway, this week was tough.  Part of me felt guilty.  Our family has a morbid way of dealing with sad things...we joke about it.  We'd been talking about how the dogs were older and of when they were puppies and then of  new puppies and joking that "someone would have to go" in order to bring in a new family member.  After she died I couldn't help but think, "Maybe we brought Ginger's death on ourselves." 
I could easily have spiraled down from that last thought, and I did a little but then I decided to do something else.  
I focused on Mojo.  
He lost his best friend and his partner in crime, he was the Robin to her Batman (ok, BATGIRL but you get the idea.)    
He was so lost and depressed.  Looking for her, sniffing the air, searching the house....sleeping in her bed (WHAT?)  Okay, so he didn't sleep in her bed until the end of the week, and it was only once.  Ginger always chirped when she wanted to be let in.  He heard a chirp a couple times this week and ran to the patio door.  Once the door was opened, he would sniff the air and look at me like...."Well, WHERE IS SHE?"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that loneliness could make him sick, so each day I came home and took him for a short walk.  He is arthritic and can only go down about 4 houses before we turn back but then he scouts the front yard for another 10 minutes.  He was thrilled and would go in and sleep for an hour afterwards.  Then I would throw a toy for him off and on the rest of the evening.  Basically, I made sure to play with him more.....I've become his play partner now that Ginger is gone.  

On Saturday, Dean and I took him with us to get donuts.   

Then, I made him some dog bones.  (He can't eat the giant dog bones Ginger had so I gave them to a dog I babysit.)  I found the recipe on pinterest, just 2 ingredients....wheat flour and baby food.  He loves them!  Notice how well he cleans the tile....yeah baby, now I don't need to mop.

As for Leo and Suki, they've noticed her absence too.  Both took turns sniffing her bed and looking for her.  Leo called around the house for a few days.  He sounded so sad, it was awful.  They always greeted each other.  She was his surrogate mom and the had a very strong bond.  Interestingly enough, by midweek, Suki was the one who took up greeting me at the door when I got home.  (Mojo sleeps too soundly now.)  

I've started a little mosaic for Ginger....something simple.  We have a little place in the angel garden picked out for her and I bought a little garden stake with a cross on it to hang her collar on.  

Today as we worked in the yard, Dean and I missed her presence.  She always stayed by our sides while we worked... and she always stole the plastic cups that new plants came in and destroyed them.  

Funny thing, today Mojo brought me one of the plastic cups.  He dropped it at my feet and looked up at me. I think he knew they were special but didn't know what to do with them.  Destroying them was Ginger's game, not his.  
It brought tears to my eyes because it was just one more thing that proved to me he misses her too.   His job was always to sneak out the gate... but today, he was the one hanging close....just like she used to do.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Our Gingerbread Girl

After a very tough week, we had to let our Ginger go.  

Like the famous dog, Marley, Ginger was a clearance puppy.   I worked with the owner of her sire and wanted a puppy but her sire and dam were Field Champions amongst other things and we simply couldn't afford the price they were asking.  

Lucky for us, the owner’s had 1 puppy no one wanted and we got her for a rock bottom bargain that we couldn't refuse.   We picked her up on Thanksgiving Day in 2002.   She was so quiet that I thought that was why she was the only one left.  
That changed the moment we got home.  She turned into one of the rambunctious puppies you see on t.v. commercials for puppy foods!

Truth be told, she never settled down…ever.   (Not even after her injury.)

So much for the “laid back" Lab we thought we were getting!  Instead, we got a high energy pistol that ate frogs and de-tailed every lizard in the yard when not kept busy.

High energy and all, she worked her magic through our household and became everyone’s dog during some time in her life.  She seemed to know who needed her most and would stick closest to them during that time.  She became companion, friend,  playmate, teacher, surrogate  mother,  protector, guardian, yard soldier, slumber party participant, horse (once when I wasn't looking), security guard, and the brawn to back up Mojo’s bark.   

In 2010, she was injured but not a candidate for surgery due to age.  We  slowed her down and put her on medication to keep her pain to a minimum. 

Gradually, she settled into her role as the family's Grand Dam, enjoying simpler things like ear rubs and tummy scratches.  Her days of chasing tennis balls across fields, jogging with Dean and swimming were long over.   

In all fairness, she didn't seem to mind too much.  She still chased bubbles from time to time and she still played "toro" with the towels after her baths.

She still had walks, although they grew shorter each year.   She especially liked the annual walks down the dog treat aisle on her birthday.  We always let her pick her own gift.  

The last 3 months have been hard as her pain was becoming more evident. Even with additional medication, we knew she was declining.    We felt this might be her last year with us but we didn't know “how” we would know when her time with us was up.  
When a dog is injured but otherwise healthy, you know that they will most likely be put to sleep one day and that was a struggle for us.  Too soon and it is akin to murder, too late and you are torturing your pet.   

The vet assured us that she would “tell” us but I wasn't sure I believed him.   Until last week.   She simply stopped eating, stopped thriving, stopped greeting, stopped tail thumping, stopped everything but going outside to use the bathroom.  
When I would come home, she would bounce around to greet me. 
Not this week.  
Instead, I watched her struggle to retain her dignity with the simple act of going to the bathroom, while refusing even the tastiest of treats. The effort to drink was too much and she would rest between sips of water.  
It was too much and broke my heart but it was SO FAST that I couldn't believe it.  I think my head knew and understood but not my heart.

We made one last ditch effort with electrolytes and appetite stimulants to no avail.   The 2 days she remained with us after "telling" us she was ready were terribly difficult.  In retrospect, we did her a disservice.  Trying to keep her with us made her suffer 2 days.  

Always an indoor dog, this morning she went outside at 5:30 am and refused to come back in.   We had decided it best for me to stay busy so I got dressed for work and went out to say goodbye.   She greeted me with a gentle chuff.  I pet and kissed her goodbye and as I turned and left, she did something she never did before.  She chuffed again, her own goodbye.  She was ready.  

Dean went to check on her and still, she refused to come in.   He told our son he was taking her to her last appointment at 8 am.   At exactly 8 am, Ginger came walking up to the patio door.  

Today she went to sleep with Dean by her side.  I was a basket case and my crying made her sad.  When I cried she would turn her head away, only to look at me when I had stopped.  She was telling me that this was her time, not mine and that I needed to grow up and stop being a baby.  I didn't need to be there blubbering while she had been so brave.   She deserved some dignity and a peaceful passing.  She certainly didn't need to be worrying about my high drama.

Ginger, thank you for honoring our family and for loving us so very much.  People always asked us how we trained you so well.  But in reality, we just followed your lead.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Hello Hello

Darling daughter had to make a puppet for her art class.   It had to be either a famous work of art or an artist. 
She doesn't like doing sculpting so she REALLY hated doing this puppet.  

To make maters worse, she didn't get the "guy" she wanted...someone else picked him first.  Leonardo (who WOULDN'T want him?)
So, she got stuck with Andy Warhol.  He was her second choice because she thought he might be interesting.

Here she is putting on his "hair"

and here he is with Gunter.  He kept telling Gunter he wanted to make a "pop-art" canvas of him....that he could be the next "big thing."

Apparently Gunter believed him...

"It's the movies that have really been running things in America ever since they were invented. They show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how to feel about it, and how to look how you feel about it." -Andy Warhol

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The kids were out of school last week so we dashed over to Florida for a quick visit.

We visited with my Aunt Betty and cousin one evening before they left to go back to Georgia.  The guy in the middle of this photo is  Dan Pettis, the chef of One20.   He has known my folks since he was 14.  Such a great guy.  If you ever go to Niceville, check his place out..the food is great so you won't regret it.

Phil with my cousin Douglas

We did a little bit of shopping and I found a YARN STORE that was calling my I did some shopping.  Kaela rested in the shop....

while this guy "rested" outside!

My sister was planning a pizza party so I spent an afternoon showing her the ropes with the skillet pizza dough.  The went fast and we put about 16 dough rounds in the freezer for her party.

in waiting mode....people getting hungry!

and the end product...

everyone made something different and they were all delicious!

Monday, March 10, 2014

zombies need love too......

A friend of mine sent me a sweet little zombie in a swap....isn't she cute wonderful!   After seeing her, I think I'll try to crochet one soon.

I'm thinking since she came with a veil but no groom that she must have eaten him but I didn't find any spare "parts" in the packing box!
Thank you Kerry!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

steering wheel covers....

I've been wanting a steering wheel cover for awhile now to jazz up the interior.  I had some cute owl fabric I bought a couple years ago for an apron but never used it.

I read a couple tutorials and got the idea and then just made it up as I went along.  I was going to link to the one I liked but the link it gone.  I found her through pinterest and pinned it but clicking on the link takes you nowhere now....weird.  Also,  I added a bit of flannel on the part that lays on top to give a it little padding.

Okay, so after I drove around town with it on, I didn't like the way the fabric stuck out off the wheel.  
I'm such a worry wart, I kept thinking,  "What if my thumb gets stuck under it?" or "What if I stick my finger in it while turning and cause a wreck?"  (Yes, I'm neurotic like that...drives my family crazy.) 

So I whip stitched it down, around the wheel.  Now it feels more secure and that makes me happy.  Plus, I think it looks more finished.    Seriously y'all, it took longer to whip stitch it in place than it did to MAKE it.

But I like the way it looks and feels much better!

I made a matching trash can to replace the one with gnomes on it.  I lined this one with some vinyl that matched (who'd a thunk I'd have that in my stash o stuff?) and whipped it up.

I had made Matt's girlfriend a small trash bag for her car a couple weeks ago and had some leftover fabric.  I made her a steering wheel cover to match.   I just need to stitch it in place for her.

On his way out the door Matt asked if I had any giraffe fabric left and could I make her an ear headband.  She needed one to keep her ears warm during the parades last weekend.....
I love being able to say yes.  It is the little things that make you happy.

Can you tell she approved?   And yes, it kept her ears warm! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sometimes Mojo looks like he is dead.  I mean seriously.  DEAD

I looked up the other day and thought to myself   "Someone shot my dog...."
and then realized what I was thinking and laughed.

But I still had to go check on him.  Just to be sure.

Nope, not dead, only sleeping..........

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mayflower Maggie

I made a zombie doll for a friend in my Needful Things swap.   

Her name is Mayflower Maggie 

and here is her story.

 I included a little poem with her 

I find it odd that I can think something like that up in literally SECONDS.  I can think it in my head and then jot it down without any changes.  But if I sit down to write a nice post about something, I can't.  I don't know why...maybe it is easier to do little bits of worthless humor instead of exposing myself with more serious "stuff..."   

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Matt's 18th birthday.  He spent the day with his sweet girlfriend.   I was "in" on the surprises she had planned and just couldn't say no when she asked to have him for "the day."    She took him to Fort Pike and they had a picnic.  

She brought him home and told him to dress up....then took him to his favorite restaurant for dinner!

They are such a cute couple

Today,we had our birthday for him.    Matt was worn out from the day before so I stuck with a few favorites...

When he got up, I made him some beignets

After opening presents, we took him out to dinner...

And back home we enjoyed his favorite, my Fresh Strawberry cake!

No huge gift with bells and whistles or tires and horns.  But he did get some snazzy new duds and was surrounded by people who love him.  He had a great weekend.

We love you Matt and are so proud of the wonderful man you've grown in to.
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