Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crocheted Snowman cozy destash!

I couldn't let the year go by without doing one more thing....this Snowman coffee cozy!

As for the never ending Christmas blanket.....I've used 38 skeins so far and have about 10 to go and it will finally be done.  (the skeins are small, so don't freak out.)

It doesn't stop us from using it though....it is nice and toasty.

Maybe someone will host a stash busting challenge for 2014.....?

Happy New Year's eve everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas nights......

Christmas night, we had some fun in New Orleans.

One evening we enjoyed Celebration in the Oaks.  They light up the entire City Park and Story Land.  It is truly neat, in a child friendly type of way.   

The train set was neat to see...but too big to take a photo of the whole thing without climbing a tree!

On our way out, Matt "held up" Frosty for a snowcone.  Sorry, but City Park isn't the safest place so when we saw this snowman, we all fell out laughing at how appropriate it was that he had his hands up!  

And you simply can't have a Cajun Christmas without a gator!

It was a super cold night and we were out there for a few hours.....but it was so much fun!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas fun

The last few years, we've managed to host a small Christmas party for Dean's office and clients.  It was a lot of fun, full of old and new friends....

old friends....

new friends...

we got photo bombed in these!  Those sneaky peeps popped up in SO MANY photos!  Hysterical!

The party was so much fun...can't wait to do it again next year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

sorry but...

I had to turn verification and moderation on again due to advertising loafers and robots.   

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Birds of Christmas

When I decided to accept Dean's challenge this year I didn't anticipate all the things that would require my attention.    Most of all, I didn't expect to lose my dad.    He taught me to love nature and to be gentle with God's world and all that was in it.  Yes, daddy...even spiders.

He passed on to me a love of art and craftsmanship and what he called "handiwork."   He did big stuff like curio cabinets and built in bars with stained glass doors. Maybe one day, I'll try something big too, but for now I am content with small stuff.  

Like these ornaments:

and the tree they reside in....

I chose a bird theme long before daddy passed away.  I can't help but wonder if God planted that idea knowing what the year would bring.  
This tree seems very befitting of my father's love of birds.......He would have loved our tree.  Not only because it is covered with birds, but because so many are handmade.  
I love you daddy, Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

crazy busy...

Where are the elves when you need them?

This past weekend was CRAZY!  Besides Kaela's family birthday and dinner out, I had tons to do around the house.  

Like finish the front door

  and make some scarves....

and mix up a bunch of my French Market soup mix for friends and coworkers...

And....I finished putting up the decorations (finally!)  
My parent bought these elves when we lived in Germany in the mid 60's.  I have one that needs repair but all the rest managed to survive all these years.

Now that these guys are out, I'm hoping they'll do some work while I catch up on some sleep!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Plays and art

We went to the annual Christmas play we go to each year.   We always love going, it is such fun and a wonderful reminder of what the season is all about!  This year we got really close to the stage and it was awesome!

This was the 3rd year that we saw the same play....so Kaela's attention wandered a bit.  She covered one entire half of the table with drawings of people in the play, angels, holiday greetings, flowers and a manager scene...

She wrote her full name EVERYWHERE so I can't show it all to you but she got a lot of attention.  After the show, people were taking their time looking at everything and talking to her about it.  One good looking guy from the cast came down to see what was up...and she got to talk to him.....hmmmm

Amazing what a pen and a crayon can do if you've got talent! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Golden Girl's weekend

Our sweet Kaela turned 16 on Monday.    Due to exams and the time of year, we are pushing a real celebration off until January.  So, this past weekend, we did something just for the family.

Since we did a lot of work in Florida over Thanksgiving, she missed out on my pecan pie...so I surprised her with one...

And every girl needs flowers on her birthday...so Dean brought her some...

And while Dean and I made her happy.....

It was a card Matt gave her that brought tears to her eyes.......

I tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than children who truly, genuinely love one another.   These two are best friends.  There is no better gift!

Happy Birthday beautiful!

Monday, December 16, 2013

little gifting

I've had a stash of polar fleece remnants in my sewing closet for years now.    I pulled it all out and made some fun scarves for kids in need at a local care center.  

I ended up with around 24 scarves in all types of colors and designs...good for little boys or girls.

I thought this was interesting since "Duck Commander" stuff has become so popular!  I only had enough for one scarf though...wonder who will get it?

I encourage you all to think creatively when you have things in your stash closet.  The lady at the Rainbow Children's Center was so grateful and I was assured the teachers would give them to those who most needed them.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Camelia Festival

Each year, our local Camelia Club hosts an art and flower show.  These flowers are STUNNING.  Some are as large as canteloupe or as small as large marbles!

Kaela entered the art contest and won 2nd place!  
Considering the amount of students entering, it was quite an accomplishmentThe best part (in her opinion) is that she won money!!! .  She did the bright pink one hanging over her head.

Here are some of the winning blooms....

The room was FULL of them....

The grand winning table....

I look forward to going again next year!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frosty goes to school....

I got back from Thanksgiving break and put up my  little tree.

Later that day, I noticed the other teachers had begun their door decorations.  Since I love decorationg my own front door and not wanting to be left behind, I skipped the elaborate cutting and taping of paper and covered the door in the ONLY color of paper left in the workroom...okay, so there was orange and yellow too but I don't consider them all that Christmasy!

Then after work, I went straight to the artist in the family, picked her up from school and brought her back to create something simple that could go through January.

20 minutes after she arrived, Frosty arrived too, complete with a bubble pipe!

Considering we live in south Louisiana, I doubt we will get snow but you NEVER KNOW!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gunter's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a working holiday for us this year.   We headed to Florida to help with the task of cleaning out our family home.   The act of striping the home you lived in for the majority of your life is so hard. 
Of course, not everyone knew what the task at hand was.
Gunter stowed away thinking he would join us for the holiday!

Before, during and after dinner, Gunter  flirted with the ladies....typical!

He also taste tested the mushroom gravy, had a little too much wine and was found trying to enjoy a margarita straight out of the machine!

The only time things got a little crazy was when he tried to flirt up Olivia.  She was a little rough on the old boy!  

He was so tramautized by the experience he had to climb up on the couch to rest....

Overall, he had a great time!!!!
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