Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today was an interesting day.
It was the day my son ask the dreaded "R" question about Santa Claus. "Is Santa REAL?"
My son is 11 years old. You would think he would know by now that Santa isn't "real." But he didn't.
He never asked us, not once, if Santa was "real." He always asked us if we BELIEVED in Santa.
We always said yes. We do believe.....in the spirit of Santa.
That being said, I couldn't say Santa was a real and living person at the North Pole. It was all in the wording of his question. I couldn't bend the rules to keep from breaking his heart.

Today, in school, they were studying poetry. The poem was about the REAL St. Nicolas that died all those years ago. The teacher didn't realize she had a 'believer' in the class so she proceeded to tell the class how hard it was confirming to her own daughter that Santa wasn't real.
So..... I am reading in the dining room after dinner, and he comes quietly in to the room with giant alligator tears in his eyes.
He didn't want to ask me because he said "I don't want to hear the answer." I thought it must be something he knows he can't have. I never in a million years would have expected the "Santa" question. But he knew before I opened my mouth. I tried diversion tactics by asking him a bunch of questions but his tears got bigger and eventually trickled out onto his cheeks.
It broke my heart. So many people are happy to crush the illusion of the magical thing that is "Santa." Not me. Should I know better? Perhaps. But, I like to believe in things out of our reach too.
So, as we talked, I told him that Santa lives in your heart. That the stories of people secretly giving toys to orphans and coats to a neighbor who has none.....that is where Santa comes in.
He KNOWS Christmas is about Jesus and doesn't confuse the two. But he, like most children wants to believe in something 'else'...something magical.
With tears in his eyes, he hugged and kissed me and then asked me to please still sign his Christmas presents (the ones from Santa) "Love, Santa." He then dried up his tears and said that he wouldn't tell his little sister. I thanked him for that.

Now, the mother bear part of me wants to email his teacher and fuss at her for what she did.
How could she disclose the awful truth about Santa to her classroom? How many other kids DIDN'T know? (apparently there were a few others who got a shock too..._
But the other (more reasonably sane) part of me acknowledges that this is simply one of those bittersweet moments we all face..........

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Granny square crochet-along

Here are some pictures of an afghan I made for the granny square crochet-along. It is a baby shower gift for a friend of mine...obviously having a girl!

I wanted (needed) to use up a bunch of different colors of pink baby yarn. I added the kitty and mouse for the 'cute factor.'

Silly Sock Monkey

This past Christmas, I made my nephew a sock monkey afghan from the Stitch N Bitch crochet pattern book. So....for his upcoming birthday, I decided to make him an actual sock monkey too!

I've never made the toy before but I think he looks kinda cute.....I wanted him to have funky hair instead of a hat. I like the way it turned out. I can't wait to see Will's reaction!

Here he is with a pic of the afghan too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am cracking up. I just got an email about a blog I visited over Thanksgiving....

Pam (my SIL) and I were looking at Bento websites and stumbled across BentoYum, a website/blog about making fun lunches.

A couple of glasses of wine later, I made my first bento!
Pam and I got to laughing so hard, we decided to email them the result to get their reaction!

They put it on their blog site for a laugh!

To see what real Bento lunches look like, check out their website:


Saturday, January 19, 2008

So Long Gerald

This is Gerald. He was the first Amigurumi I made and I really loved him. He was a 'generic critter...'
No one really knew WHAT he was.

I include him in today's entry since he is my Avatar. Poor guy....you'll never see him again except in this pic. No cute pics by the garden await him, no pics of him traveling about. As you can see, he was killed by our kitty, Leo.
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