Thursday, March 6, 2008

Repurposed skirt fabric............Apron #1

A couple weeks ago, we were in Target buying some shorts for our kids.

As we walked by the ladies department, I spied this skirt and fell in love with the fabric. I knew the style of the skirt wouldn't work for me though. I may be small but I still have, I grabbed one off the rack in my size and walked around with it. The fabric is a brushed cotton with a heavier a lightweight corduroy.

I decided I wanted it for the fabric and walked back and bought the biggest size they had! I didn't hesitate one bit because it was on SALE!

I bought a little fabric to trim it out and so far I have made 1 apron out of it!
I can get 2 more out of it and have them all planned out.

I had originally intended to make all of them first and then post them all at once but I REALLY wanted to start wearing the first one. it is! I love it!


Jennifer said...

looks are so talented!

Dee Light said...

Love the transformation!!

frankenpug said...

Super cute! I heart Target! I love the fabric too!

P.S. If you want to add the flirty swap button to your blog I have figured it out. I won't let me post the code in the comments

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