Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crochet eyeball pattern...freebie!

I have been making eyeballs for Halloween for years now and people always ask me how to make them.  I've never taken the time to write a pattern until now.

F or G hook.  I prefer "G" but either one is fine
ping pong balls
yarn in a variety of colors, including black and white
red embroidery floss
scissors, embroidery needle, tapestry needle

Although you are working "in the round" here, I've modified it a bit where you change color.  (You don't have to do this but I find that the color change is a little less obvious this way.)  I'm sure someone else has an even better way but this works for me.

Row 1: Starting with black for the pupil, work 6 sc into a magic loop.  If you don't know what a magic loop is, you can find it on Planet June.  She has the world's best tutorials!

When you get to the end of the 6th sc, slip stitch to connect it to the beginning stitch then pick up the colored yarn:

Row 2: Sc 2 times into each of the 6 sc around.  This will give you 12 stitches. 

 Again, slip stitch to connect it to the beginning stitch then pick up the white yarn. 

Row 3: *Sc 1 time into the next sc, then sc 2 times into the next.*  Continue around with this. * This will give you 18 stitches.

Row 4-Row 10: Now, just work 1 sc into each stitch.  I don't even count stitches here.  I just go around and around.  Use a stitch marker and count rows.  The shape will look like this:

Once you stuff the ping pong ball in, it fits quite well.

Row 11 & Row12: *decrease in the 1st sc, then sc in the next* around for both rows.  This gives you a tapered edge to work with.

Row 13: This isn't really a row, you are just closing the hole.  I slip stitch ACROSS the opening twice. Sort of like a slip stitched +
(That yellow yarn is my stitch marker)

Fasten off and using the tapestry needle, work in the loose end.

For the veins:
Using the embroidery needle and 3 strands of floss,  back stitch veins on the eyeballs.  I don't even tie knots, just work over the end.  The tension against the ping pong ball should hold it in place.  Continue making them until you have a nice pile.

Then add them to the others you made and put them "under glass" so the zombies don't eat them!

Sorry for the crappy photo but I'm too lazy to deal with lighting and all that.  


  1. Since you provided a nice little tutorial and I have crochet envy :) I'm going to give this a shot. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

  2. If I said those were adorable would that make me weird? Well, they are!

  3. So tomorrow is DEFINATELY Halloween decorating day ..... how long can someone procrastinate for !!!
    I'm going to have to make some eyeballs for sure .... thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Those are hilarious. I have a friend who would love them. But do I have time to make them? :/

  5. Thank you for the pattern. These will be great for my optometrist son.

  6. What size ping pong ball did you use i use 40mm it was oddly shaped. Still adorable though

  7. Olá do Brasil!!
    Eu amei e fiz!

    Hello from Brazil !!
    I loved it and I did!
    Thank you!
    Google translation, sorry for the possible mistakes


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